I have been using Corrective Skin Care products for over 12 years. I can truly attest that Jacynth Hall is the best skin care specialist that I know and I know a few others. The products that she uses are amazing! When I am on the products and taking care of my skin as she instructs me to do so, the dark spots disappear and the acne clears up and I see results within a few days. My skin is flawless and I can enter the world without wearing any type of foundation. I love the way my skin feels and the way that I look after my treatment with Corrective Skin Care. Go Jacynth, thanks for being there for me!

Dorothy M. Seay-Mayberry


I was introduced to Ms Jacynth Hall in the year 2000. She thoroughly examined my skin, asked about my diet and instantly knew what to do and what products would work great with my acne-prone skin type. I have used every over-the-counter acne product that is out there. I threw away those products and used only what she introduced to me and my skin responded instantly to these products! I get compliments on my skin all the time. People who know me see a big difference in my complexion and if they did not know, they could not tell that I have acne-prone skin. So I praise Corrective Skin Care and the owner Ms. Jacynth Hall. She will continue to take care of my skin indefinitely.

Denise Winston


I have invested an infinite amount of time and money on skin care products and treatments throughout the years.  Most of these skin care methods resulted in short-term results and unsatisfactory outcomes. Corrective Skin Care was the solution to all my skin care needs and problems. I have found that with weekly visits and a consistent application of the products, my skin has significantly improved. I strongly recommend Corrective Skin Care to anyone who is interested in healthy glowing skin.

Mary Randall


Having been a patient at Corrective Skin Care has not only vastly improved my skin condition, but has improved my self-confidence. My treatments are conducted in a professional yet very friendly environment. I have received the personal attention I expect and the professional service I demand. Coming to Corrective Skin Care was easily one of the best decisions I have made recently.

Virgil E. McClendon


There was a time when I would not look in the mirror and truly appreciate myself. The self-consciousness that I had because of my skin trouble was just unbearable at times. My skin has made a dramatic change since I went to Corrective Skin Care. I receive compliments on my skin because of the continuous use of the products recommended by Ms. Hall. Thank you for treating me like a special client and your generous support.

Koreana Iman


Ms. Hall's devotion belief and expertise in skin care has truly changed my life. I had low self-esteem because of the condition of my skin and I would not dream of walking out of my house without make-up. Since I have been under Ms. Hall's care, I no longer feel the need to cover up my skin.

Karen McCullough




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